About Us

How we started

We became tired of embroidery suppliers letting us down and decided to start our own, this why we are so customer focussed.


After much research and training we opened and have grown from one room to the unit we now occupy.

Whats in a name?

We both rescue dogs, Jon German Shepherds and I Old English Sheepdogs.

It seemed only natural to name the company Pawprint.

Our Ethos

We have always strived to be as green as possible, adopting recycling and recyclable materials as soon as they became available. Please talk to any of us to find out more and how our green credentials can help your business.

We understand that we have responsibilities to a wider planet, this year we aim to raise £6000 for a deep bore well in Africa. This will mean constant fresh water even in times of drought. This will be overseen by the machine gun preacher. For a deeper explanation please go to his web site.


About our company

We are an established printers and embroiders based in the York area. We offer a wide range of printed and embroidered workwear, schoolwear, casual and corporate garments, PPE, promotional items and personalised gifts.

Our experience and size enables us to easily manage everything from large orders to short runs and one-off purchases. We offer competitive prices, there is no minimum order on most items.

At Paw Print Ltd we listen to every customer, no matter how large or small is a valued to us. Our dedicated account managers will be available to deal with your orders from start to finish.

If you cant find a workwear, schoolwear and bundles suited to you, contact us today to speak to a member of the team.


Our Services

Heat Press

Best suited for:

Lighter garments such as T-shirts, or those used for advertising or promotional uses, such as one-off promotional or charity events. For these garments, printing is the best choice as it doesn’t have too much of an effect on the feel or the wearability of the garment, and won’t ‘pucker’ the material.



Best suited for:

Workwear, uniforms, hi-viz jackets, and any other professional garments that are designed to be long lasting, or worn on a frequent regular basis. Embroidery is best suited to a high quality and thicker garment such as a polo shirt, hoodie, or sweatshirt.

Merchandise Printing

Best suited for:

Complement your business identity with branded merchandise and promotional items.

Key advantages of printed workwear in brief:

  • Best for large designs
  • Useful for intricate designs
  • Lower setup cost than embroidery

Key advantages of embroidering workwear in brief:

  • High quality, professional finish
  • Long-lasting and economical
  • Highly durable, lasting for the garment’s lifetime

Key advantages of embroidering workwear in brief:

  • Additional revenue stream (branded clothing, stickers, posters)
  • Brand recognition
  • Customer engagement via social media (t-shirts, stickers)
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